Mixd Dance Company is a group of strong, dedicated women who like to train hard, be challenged creatively and physically, and strive to elevate themselves on and off the dance floor by constantly stepping outside of their comfort zone. Mixd Dancers thrive in a free-flowing, supportive environment with access to a varietyof dance styles and choreographers/instructors. Dancers gain technical, professional training in styles ranging from jazz to hip hop to contemporary to tap and more.

Mixd is continually growing and creating ways to bring dance opportunities to the Portland community through live performances, workshops, classes, video production and special projects. While each session of Mixd is different, our goal never changes: To cultivate and radiate positive creative energy that inspires us and those around us through dance, and in life.

If you're interested dancing with Mixd or want learn more about the company please contact us & check out our events to stay connected. 

Mixd Dance Company