Hello! I'm Megan the        co-director of Mixd.

Mixd started as a way for me to keep dancing & performing while building my professional career. Over the last several years, it's taken on new shape and continues to grow and become much more than a performing company. It's a GIRL POWER haven. A sanctuary. The best therapy EVER! Mixd is a direct reflection of the time, talent, and energy that's been poured into it year-after-year by an amazing community of dance-loving women. 

We host pop-up classes, workshops, produce shows and embrace technology as a way to share our art with the world. It's an inviting, explorative environment where we get to try-out creative ideas & concepts with those seeking an outlet to connect through dance.

I'm extremely passionate about leading with intention and providing inspiration that reaches past the steps of a dance routine. Helping dancers grow by sharing my professional dance experience, unique teaching style and innovative training techniques is one of my greatest joys in life. I am also obsessed with learning. Taking classes from my fellow PDX movers or traveling to LA, New York or other random locations replenishes my creative cup and keeps me on my toes. I believe there is always something to learn in any class, workshop or life opportunity --  getting uncomfortable is how we all grow. 

When I'm not creating or dancing with Mixd, you'll find me choreographing & working with pro dance teams; taking one of my favorite fitness classes or wearing my marketing + communications hat at my BIG GIRL job. 

Megan Armand
Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.
— Brene Brown