Megan Armand, Founder & Co-Director

Megan Armand Mixd Dance Company

I created Mixd Dance Company as way to keep dancing  and performing while building my professional career.  After dancing my entire life and then transitioning into the professional work world my work-to-dance ratio was out of balance. I desperately needed a space to train at an elite level that would also accomodate my 9-5 work schedule and keep my creative energy moving. I was determined to keep dancing professionally even with a career!

Over the last several years, Mixd has taken on new shape and continues to grow and become much more than a performing company. We host pop-up classes, workshops, produce shows and embrace technology as a way to share our art with the world. It's an inviting, explorative environment where we get to try-out creative ideas & concepts with those seeking an outlet to connect through dance.

I'm extremely passionate about leading with intention and providing inspiration that reaches past the steps of a dance routine. Helping dancers grow by sharing my professional dance experience, unique teaching style and innovative training techniques is one of my greatest joys in life. I am also obsessed with learning. Taking classes from my fellow PDX movers or traveling to LA, New York or other random locations replenishes my creative cup and keeps me on my toes. I believe there is always something to learn in any class, workshop or life opportunity --  getting uncomfortable is how we all grow. 

When I'm not creating or dancing with Mixd, you'll find me choreographing & working with pro dance teams; adventuring with my little family or wearing my marketing + communications hat at my big girl job.  


  • High Step Dance Academy

  • Portland Trail Blazer Jam Squad Dancer

  • Hip Hop Connexion Company Dancer, Chicago

  • Chicago Storm Dancer, MISL

  • Northwest Dance Company, Choreographer + Instructor

  • Creator of Cardio Dance Fusion, Fitness & Dance Program for, Paris, France

  • Fitness DVD Lead Instructor, Dance Off The Inches

Lindsay Duus Mixd Dance Company

Lindsay Duus, Co-Director

I have been dancing for as long as I can remember and falling deeply in love with it for even longer.

Growing up I trained as a competitive studio dancer and got to travel, perform and take from some amazing choreographers.  After High School I attended Washington State University where I was an active member in the dance community. This is where I started teaching and finding my style as a choreographer (along with getting my Bachelors of Science in Psychology).  After graduation I returned to Portland and met Megan via a craigslist ad for an audition, and the rest is history!

By day I work in the corporate world as an Assistant Planner for Kroger in the Home department. Outside of that you can find me teaching/choreographing all styles at studios and to high school/college dance teams.  Working with young dancers and staying in touch with the dance community is so important to me! I also have gotten to spend the last five seasons as a dancer for the Portland Winterhawks. One of my favorite things about being a dancer is training hard and being a student outside my comfort zone.  Mixd Dance Company and the woman I meet here inspire me to continue to push myself and grow every day.